About the Ride Attendant/Go Kart Attendant Position

Our Ride Attendant/Go Kart Attendant will act as a connection, providing our guests with the experience that they deserve.

The best attendants are genuinely delighted to help customers. They’re tolerant, empathetic, and intensely communicative. They love to talk. Customer feedback is priceless, and our attendants can gather it for us.

Your goal will be to ensure exceptional service standards and sustain high guest satisfaction.

Ride Attendant/Go Kart Attendant Responsibilities

Ride/Go-kart Attendants: Operate amusement rides and go-karts in accordance with company written procedures. Good verbal communications skills needed when attending to children and adults while they are guests in the park.

The ride attendant must be of minimum age for employment to work all rides. Ride attendants must be willing to conform to Sam’s Fun City’s grooming and dress codes. The attendant may be working around high noise levels as a result of rides and many guests. Ride attendants must be able to remain focused while dealing with constant interruptions and heavy guest interaction.

Ride attendants should also be able to welcome guests to Sam’s Fun City with a smile and friendly attitude. Be familiar with all aspects of Sam’s Fun City including ticket sales, areas of the park, food service locations, and daily park entertainment. Overall, ride attendants should be able to provide guests with the safest and best guest service possible.

Operate amusement rides during normal and unusual situations and different modes of operation.

Closely monitor ride, ride area, and guests to ensure safe operation.

Load and unload guests in a safe manner, including children and guests with special needs.

Clearly provide verbal instructions to guests at the start and end of each ride.

Take tickets, deface, and deposit tickets in proper ticket box and check for proper wristband.

Provide clear instructions and answers to guests.

Able to deal with many guests each day in a positive and friendly manner.

Able to follow verbal and written instructions to perform duties.

Clean ride at beginning of shift and maintain cleanliness throughout the day. (This includes sweeping ride area, cleaning ride structure and seats, and other areas that may detract from the appeal of the ride.)

Ride attendants must be able to perform, but is not limited to, these responsibilities as well as other responsibilities as they arise such as taking out trash, washing dishes, cleaning facilities or outside areas

Follow verbal and written directions from Supervisor and Managers.

Able to follow safety practices and be safety conscious, such as, verifying safety restraints and safety latches.

Able to work in teams or independently as needed.

Communicate clearly both verbally and in writing with others.

Physical Abilities:

Able to move equipment which may include pushing, pulling, and lifting.

Able to stand for extended periods of time.

Able to work in a possibly noisy environment.

Should have full use of both arms and legs to operate equipment/rides and have ability to climb over minor obstacles.

Able to work during a variety of weather conditions such as hot summer days; cold winter days; or other conditions such as rain and wind.

Able to lift possibly heavy equipment or people (approx 40 lbs).